Updating the blogroll

I keep a “Blogs for consideration” folder in my bookmarks. Every time I find a blog that’s interesting, I chuck the URL in there, and every so often I go through them, and see if they’re still interesting to me. If they are, they get added to the blogroll.

(Yes, I know that getting added to my blogroll is roughly equivalent to having a stranger compliment you on your choice of shirts.)

Well, the folder was getting full, and I’ve just taken time to go through it. About a third of the entries stayed there, to be checked on again at a later date. This happens not because the subject matter isn’t interesting, but because they only post once every 2-3 months. That’s OK if you’re an essayist, and your posts are 6,000 words long. Not so good if they’re only 100 words long. Good grief, I’ve gotten lazy about posting and I do better than that.

About a third didn’t make the cut, and got deleted. Not enough good posts since I last looked.

And the last third has just been added to the blogroll. There are a number of new preparedness/survival sites, a bunch of gun sites, and some that are just interesting. Check out a few and see if you find someone interesting.

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