NC voters exhibit good sense

In the 16 counties where a propsed real estate transfer tax, meant to fund things like schools and roads made necessary by unrestrained growth, was put on the ballot, it was defeated by a margin of 3-to-1 or better.

It seems to me that people are getting tired that the burden for expanded services to meet an ever-growing population falls on everyone in sight, rather than on those who are “the growth”. Or maybe they’re simply tired of unrestrained growth and the seemingly bottomless pit of services we provide for illegal aliens. Or perhaps they remembered that we were sold on the idea of a lottery in order to fund educational needs, including new schools. Or possibly they’ve decided that their taxes are high enough. Who knows.

Now if people would just stop electing Democrats to positions of power, we wouldn’t have to worry about defeating new taxes every time we turn around.

1 thought on “NC voters exhibit good sense

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