Closer than I’d care for

This one can be filed under a lot of things–Thank You Lord, why I carry concealed, why North Carolina’s concealed carry laws are stupid, Bad Guys don’t obey laws, why situational awareness is important, and probably some others that don’t occur to me right now.

1 Killed In Shooting At Mocksville Steakhouse

Myself, Mrs. Freeholder, Daughter and Son ate supper there about 5 hours earlier. Mr. Jones’ name doesn’t ring a bell, but it wouldn’t surprise me if a picture does. In any case, my sympathies go out to his family.

The Thank You Lord part ought to be obvious enough.

Situations like this are why I got my concealed carry permit–you never know when you may find yourself in a bad situation. North Carolina’s concealed carry laws are stupid because this particular restaurant serves alcohol, which means I can’t legally carry there–even if I refrain from drinking. This was a concession made to the anti-freedom forces to get the concealed carry legislation through that august yet foolish body, the NC Legislature.

Bad Guys don’t obey laws–well there’s a news flash for you, Sparky. Is anyone surprised about that?

Situational awareness should be obvious as well. Always remember, the best place to be in a gunfight is…elsewhere. You only get in a gunfight if there is no other viable alternative. Keep yourself aware of your surroundings, and you might have enough advance warning to be elsewhere before the fight breaks out. Even if you can’t, those seconds might just save your life.

Even from 5 hours away, this was much too close for comfort.

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