How to tell your life’s at stake

(Via Kim du Toit)

If you’re interested in surviving an encounter with a predator (as opposed to Joe Criminal), you need to note these danger signs:

There are seven “danger signs” for homicidal escalation in the commission of a crime

  1. If the subjects use of violence escalates beyond a slap or punch; even if by accident
  2. If the subject is extremely nervous, out of control, has violent mood swings or is frantic, etc…
  3. If the subject appears to be eager, having fun, or high/tweaked/stoned/drunk
  4. If the subject singles out, isolates, personalizes, or sexualizes their interaction with an individual
  5. If the subject makes specific threats on a particular individuals life to force compliance from another
  6. If the subject physically restrains an individual or group (rope, tape, handcuffs etc…)
  7. If the subject attempts to move individuals to an area away from public view, or isolated from others

Much more there, go and read this NOW. Then get your spouse/significant other to read it. Get your kids to read it. And your friends, coworkers, the waitress at the restaurant you eat lunch at, and so on. These handy tips may save a life.

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