A month of surrender

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It would seem that the Democrats in Congress just can’t say “no” to the looney left fringe elements in their party:

The first votes in what Pelosi’s office termed “a month of action in Congress to end the war” could start as early as this week. Likely topics include legislation banning permanent bases in Iraq and cracking down on what Democrats call “war profiteering.” In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) last month announced withdrawal legislation to “redeploy” troops by next spring.

Unable to persuade a majority of Americans that a “cut and run” approach to Iraq is in our best interest, Democraps are trotting a strategy straight out of their old Vietnam play book. “Someone on the Republican side has to be like Fulbright during the Vietnam War,” said Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.), selected as Democrat leadership’s Lead Surrender Monkey.

We’ve had troops in certain Baltic states for years, courtesy of Bill Clinton. They’re no closer to coming home today than they were 4 years ago. But that isn’t a Vietnam. No, only a war that seems (as long as you don’t get your news only from the Legacy Media) to actually be producing, albeit slowly, the desired results is worthy of the “Vietnam treatment”.

Funny, how a war that was being won using a strategy developed by a Republican administration, and only lost when Democrats decided to lose it by cutting off aid to our ally, is coming back to haunt us 35 years later. Now Democrats want to cut off aid to Iraq, lose that war, and go back to the Clinton era “Hey, if we’re just understanding enough, the Islamist nutjobs will learn to love us!” methodology of fighting terrorism.

I bet the next 9/11 is a doozy if they’re successful.

Let the military get the job done, and then come home victorious. We’ll be safer that way.

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