The “rabid, rabid Republican” gets to have his say

(Via Drudge)

“I’d just like to know why she has such hard feelings to me,” he said. “They say they’re for poor people.”

You know, Mr. Johnson reminds me of a lot of folks I know around my part of the state–sitting on some very valuable real estate that has been in the family for decades, unwilling to sell because it’s home.

Mr. Johnson is, however, a realist. He’s listed his property for sale for $1.6 million, and he notes the Edwards are quite welcome to put their money where their mouths are and buy his “slummy” property.

There’s also something else interesting in the story, almost a throwaway. However, I view it as a statement on privilege and Edwards’ “Two Americas”.

The day they (The Edwards Family–FH) looked at their property, the couple and several Secret Service agents parked on his land and walked across the street into the woods.
Johnson approached the agents and asked what they were doing on his property. “The Secret Service let me know it wasn’t my concern,” he said.

Hm-m-m. The privileges of wealth and power plus the arrogance of government at its finest. There’s a shocker.

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