Just do it

The Democrats are playing brinkmanship with the troops on the ground, larding up the latest funding bill with all sorts of pork, then daring President Bush to veto it. They’re playing politics with the war, pure and simple.

Mr. President, a piece of advice–grow a pair and veto the damn thing. You’re the president. Get up in that bully pulpit and start acting like one. Put the laundry list of all the pork that has been inserted in the bill, along with the political posturing such as the withdrawal timetable, out there for everyone to see.

Make a theater show of it. Go on national TV from the Oval Office. Have the list printed on a long roll of paper, so you can stand up behind your desk and let it unroll–down from your hand, across the desk and onto the floor. In the other hand, hold up a single sheet of paper that has the actual war funding total on it.

If the Dems want to play politics, then let’s give them a lesson.

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