The high cost of sex

Prices for oral contraceptives, or birth control pills, are doubling and tripling at student health centers, the result of a complex change in the Medicaid rebate law that essentially ends an incentive for drug companies to provide deep discounts to colleges.

Now let me see if I get this right–for some unknown period of time there has been “something” in the Medicaid law (a system that is supposed to help the poorest of the poor, if I remember the socialist line correctly) that has been used to subsidize birth control on college campuses?

Great Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

And of course, the universities, hotbeds of the neo-socialist movement in this country, are singing the blues:

“It’s a tremendous problem for our students because not every student has a platinum card,” said Hugh Jessop, executive director of the health center at Indiana University. “It’s terrible, because these are students who are working very hard to pay for their tuition and books at a time when tuition costs are edging up as well,” said Linda Lekawski, director of the university health center at Texas A&M, where the old price for birth control pills of about $15 per month is expected to triple. “This is one thing they’ve been able to benefit from for years.”

Wait a second, and I’ll call you a ride…

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