Gun Owners Who Don’t “Get it”

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Perhaps you remember my “Do You Suck?” post a while back. If you don’t, go check it out and bop back here. I’ll wait.

Memory refreshed? Excellent, because I’d like to introduce you to someone who sucks. His name is Jim Zumbo, and he writes for Outdoor Life Magazine.

Mr. Zumbo recently wrote a piece where he insists that “evil assault rifles” are in fact, terrorist weapons and that they have no place in hunting.

Mr. Zumbo is obviously rather clueless, since many popular hunting cartridges were widely used in military weapons–they same sorts of guns he now wants to label “assault weapons”. Among them are the 45-70, the 30-06, the .223 and the .308 Winchester. He apparently also thinks the Second Amendment is about hunting (something I must have missed in my reading).

Feel free to comment about his views in the comments section of his post. You can also use the email address on this page to contact Outdoor Life and let them know what you think of Mr. Zumbo’s position.

We had better all hang together, or we are most assuredly going to hang separately. If you expect me to defend your right to hunt and own traditional hunting rifles, you had damn sure better defend my right to own my old (and new) military and military-type guns, and to hunt with them if I please.


Edit 2/18/2007 1834:Zumbo has posted a very lame apology, reeking of “Oh my, I need to save my job!”

“I was tired and exhausted, and I should have gone to bed early.” You know, one thing I learned long ago is that tired people generally tend to lose inhibitions and say what they’re really thinking, instead of remembering to shut up because it’s good for them. I fully believe that this is the case–because I have ran into too many people just like Jim Zumbo. Gun owners who would throw other gun owners to the wolves, as long as they’re left alone. “What do you need one of “those guns” for? You can’t hunt with that!”

The fools don’t realize that the gun-grabbers are the poster children for “divide and conquer”. They know they can’t get them all at once, but they’re absolutely sure they can get them all a few at a time. Look at the UK if you don’t believe me. They haven’t gotten them all yet, but they will.

It’s imperative that all gun owners stand up for all other gun owners, every time any of us are threatened. For example, I don’t do benchrest shooting–never saw the attraction in it. But you may bet your life, liberty and sacred honor they I will defend the rights of benchrest shooters with the same vigor I’d defend my right to my old milsurps.
Sorry Zumbo–you still suck.

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