Or as they say, “Once more with feeling!”

The Bulldogs won 13-7 over an excellent opponent, James Kenan High School, at Kenan Stadium at UNC-Chapel Hill on Saturday. This game was a defensive battle, as opposed to the Dogs entire season, which was a series of offensive blowouts.

These young men showed a lot of maturity in this win. While playing excellent defense, on offense they committed a number of costly mistakes, resulting in a high amount of penalty yardage. Still, they were able to overcome these errors and bring home their third 1AA football championship in a row.

Next year won’t be so easy, as the team will lose 16 seniors to graduation, including our best back and half back. I guess we’ll get to see how our JV “grows up”.

The Family Freeholder indulged in a post-game celebratory dinner at the Ramshead Rathskeller, a Chapel Hill fixture. If you ever get there, be sure to try a “Gambler”, either a single or a double. Food to die for.

Go Bulldogs!

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