From the “Clueless on the Hill Department”

New York Democrat Charles E. Schumer and Arizona Republican John McCain, in a press release, said they planned to introduce a bill at the beginning of the 110th Congress in January that would require registered sex offenders to submit their active e-mail addresses to law enforcement.

This is clueless on so many levels that I’m rendered rantless. But let’s try…

There are how many places you can get a freebie email account? Yahoo, Google and Hotmail spring to mind, but a quick web search will reveal literally dozens of sites offering free email addresses. It generally takes, oh, 5 minutes to get one.

They already have problems just keeping up with the pervs physical addresses, and now we want to try and track email addys? It’d be just as effective to tell them that they can’t use the Internet–and they’d have just as much chance of enforcing it.

A staffer must have to follow these dolts around and remind them to breathe.

This is yet another piece of “See how we’re protecting you from {insert latest perceived evil here}! Keep us in office and nursing off the public tit!” feel good lunacy from the national mental asylum known as Washington, DC.

That loud humming sound is the Founders all doing 10,000 RPM in their graves.

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