Nothing much to say

Maybe I’m just tired and busy trying to catch up from my recent trip, but I find myself with little of substance to say. So since I have little of substance, how about some selected short subjects?

First, if you aren’t using the Firefox browser, why? It’s far safer than Internet Explorer, it works as well (unless you got to Microsoft’s website often) and it has, in general, better features. Go download the latest version, 2.0, today at I’ve been using Firefox for the last year or so, and the 2.0 version for the last several days. I’m really in love with the built in spell checker. Great stuff.

Second, the Iraq war/War on Terror in general. While the war in general may be going well, I’m not so convinced we have Iraq well in hand. My personal feeling is that there are many causes, but two really stand out in my mind. One, we’re not willing to do what it takes to win. If we are, why is Muqtada al-Sadr still alive? Two, we’re wasting time trying to push democracy on people who have no history or concept of democracy. No solution to offer for number two, but for number one–START KILLING THE BAD GUYS AND HANG WHAT THE WORLD IN GENERAL HAS TO SAY!

Third, the one year anniversary of the Islamic rioting in France. They’re at it again, and this time they’ve progressed to burning people as well as cars.. Surprised? Last year, they rioted, and we’re going to have milk, warm cookies and more social programs. Catch a clue–they don’t want jobs, they want us dead. We’re an anathema to them, and they can’t handle it.

Fourth, the November elections. They’re important. They’re always important. Yeah, the Republicans are nearly as odious as the Democrats. Yeah, a vote for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil. Sure, you can “send a message”, but you may not like the answer that comes back. Hold your nose and vote Republican. Then send your messages to them.

Fifth, the economy. Yeah, all the numbers say it’s doing better, but the thing feels a mile broad and an inch deep. Be ready for bad times–the yield curve has been inverted for two months, and that usually portends no good. While some economists argue that the historical inverted yield curve wisdom may not work in the “new economy”, bad times will come again at some point. Depend on it.

Sixth, we broke Camp Freehold down this weekend and brought it all back to the new place. It’s now sitting on it’s new gravel pad in the new backyard. Looks sort of funny back there–smaller, somehow, than it ever did at the old place.

Hopefully, I’ll have time and inclination to blog more in coming weeks.

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