Pity the poor homeowner

Of two homes. Yes, yesterday was closing day for The Freehold v2.

Pretty frightening, when you watch all of that money that has come into your possession at such a high cost flow out in 60 minutes with a few signatures.

Of course, the accoutant will tell you that your net worth has barely decreased, and that the appreciation of the property will more than make up for that in a very short time. (Assuming the housing bubble doesn’t go *pop* before The Freehold v1 is sold.)

So now comes the cleaning, the painting, the moving and so on. We’re on the job at both houses, and free time is rather limited. (Heck, this is supposed to be my lunch break.) However, it is a good chance to winnow down the possessions a bit and get rid of some of the cruft that has accumulated in 13 years.

I’ll be popping in and out, but expect posting to be rather limited until mid-July. You people keep an eye on things, OK?

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