Still laughing

A couple of day ago I posted a bit on this past weekend’s advice from the Federal Department of Health and Human Services and their advice to start storing canned tuna and powdered milk under the bed.

A poster on Timebomb 2000 has pointed out this story that has more details on Secretary Mike Leavitt’s call to the sheeple to stop bleating “baa baa” and start doing something (no matter how silly or ludicrous it may appear to the more knowledgeable) to take care of themselves in the event of an emergency.

I’ll take back some of my earlier derision, as the longer article does note that you need to store water and even points out the need to store food and more water for your pets. He also notes that there may be power failures, and points out the need for battery powered radios an TVs, and he remembers the toilet paper.

Of course, the advice for “what to do if the flu is in your house” is pretty poor:

“The first thing is to strengthen your hand washing and to have the infected family member cover his mouth when he coughs,” she said. “You should also keep that person isolated in a certain part of the house and identify a family member who will help him. You may have to take turns.”

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