Googling for Big Brother

Everyone knows Google–the most popular search engine on the Internet. The Federal government most definitely knows them–they’resubpoenaing Google for an unspecified week’s worth of search queries, plus 1,000,000 randomly selected web addresses.

Now it’s perfectly OK for us to get angry–in fact, I encourage it. However, in the hackish tradition, I suggest that you put that anger to good use. Since we don’t know what week the Feds are asking for, we can assume it could be any week–a year ago, a month a go or next week. My suggestion is that, when you have a few minutes, you should Google some useful phrases, and hope they make their way to the appropriate Federal officials.

You can also write your Congresscreatures, but I think Googling is a much better stress reliever.

Oh, and if you think you can avoid this by using other search engines, the same FOXNews article notes that #2 Yahoo has alreadywith a similar subpoena. Of course, given Yahoo’s track record with cooperating with governments, especially totalitarian ones, you shouldn’t be surprised.

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