North Carolina puts its best foot forward again

E-voting rules head to court this week in North Carolina, where election officials stand accused of ignoring a tough new state law designed to raise the bar on procedures to ensure machines are secure and accurate.

Yes, once again the government of my home state steps on a certain male appendage.

In the suit filed last week, EFF says the North Carolina State Board of Elections — working with the Office of Information Technology Services — certified two vendors to sell machines in North Carolina although the vendors did not comply with a new law requiring them to place all source code for a system into escrow before the machines could be certified.

Now I can’t really tell you how I know, but this isn’t the Office of Information Technology Services only issue revolving around poor technology choices. The frightening thing is that the State of NC has won several awards for excellence in government computing.

Of course, we as taxpayers will have to pay to foot the legal defense bill. Our tax dollars at work.

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