Chalk up #1000

Yes, my home state of North Carolina has executed the 1000th person since the death penalty was reinstated. The professionally indignant are, well, indignant. Oh how terrible we blood-thirsty, redneck Southerners are.

Well just hold the phone, Sparky. Your poor down-trodden cause celeb is a murdering scumbag. He shot his wife and his father-in-law to death. Allow me to remind you of the violence of the situation with this little quote from the above referenced article:

During the 1988 slayings, Boyd’s son Christopher was pinned under his mother’s body as Boyd unloaded a .357-caliber Magnum into her. The boy pushed his way under a bed to escape the barrage. Another son grabbed the pistol while Boyd tried to reload.

And:”He went out and reloaded and came back and called 911 and said ‘I’ve shot my wife and her father, come on and get me.’ And then we heard more gunshots. It was on the 911 tape,” Foster[the prosecuter–FH]said.

In The Freeholder’s view of things, there are only two problems here. First, it took 11 years to accomplish this simple task. Second, he can’t be executed twice.

However, the ever-liberal media has done nothing this entire week but show videos/photos of the murdering scumbag’s sobbing family, all opining that “He doesn’t deserve to die“. No mention of his victims, no “We’re sorry for what he did.” The above referenced article is the only one I could find that had any description at all of his crime, other than to sanitize it by saying “convicted of murder”.

Oh, and we had the obligatory notations that he has “found Jesus” and “turned his life around”. Well, I’m glad he found Jesus, and I hope is well and truly forgiven by God for his acts. He still has to pay the price in this world.

Oh, and I haven’t seen a single interview with the victim’s family. I wonder what they think?

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