Bliss Ninnies on parade

I’m sure all you gunnies have heard that the bliss ninnie majority in San Francisco have approved a ballot initiative (Preparation Proposition H) that bans the manufacture, distribution, sale and transfer of firearms and ammunition in San Francisco; along with a Measure H, which bans the possession of handguns.

Allow me some predictions:

  • Even though a lot of people and organizations are suing, both Proposition H and Measure H will survive.
  • After the court challenges are over, crime will slowly start to rise as the criminal element figures out that SF has become a target-rich environment.
  • Most handgun owners will not turn in their guns, choosing to become criminals rather than be disarmed.
  • Anyone who used a handgun to defend themselves will be arrested for illegal possession of a handgun.
  • Some poor joker is going to be arrested for reloading ammo in San Francisco.
  • Some number of individuals and business will leave San Francisco (and probably California altogether) for freer climes.
  • More bliss ninnies will move to San Francisco because it’s friendlier to their beliefs. They will serve as fresh meat to the criminal element.
  • As crime increases, so will the cries for government to do something.
  • The Big One will finally hit and solve this problem for us by wiping San Francisco off the map, eliminating bliss ninnies by the hundreds of thousands.

OK, I’ll admit it. That last one’s more of a hope than a prediction.

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