Via an email list I subscribe to, here’s the latest on the Richmond/ATF/Showmasters festivities. VCDL filed a Freedom of Information request with the Virginia State Police. This pdf file is the reply to that request.

It seems that if you live in certain areas of Richmond or Henrico County, you are targeted for some sort of anti-gang enforcement action. Try to buy a gun at a Showmasters show and the authorities will show up on your doorstep. Note on the last page that the next enforcement activity is scheduled for the March show.

Boys and girls, this is BS, pure and simple. The bad guys are far from likely to show up at a gun show to buy guns. They’re going to buy them from some guy in “da hood” who doesn’t do a Form 4473.

What’s next? Are the Food Police going to show up at your house if you go to McDonalds and try to buy a Big Mac?

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