Is your pantry DEA approved?

Some Georgia storeowners have run afoul of our Drug Warriors (you’ll need BugMeNot). They’re guilty of selling items such as kitty litter, Sudafed, antifreeze, aluminum foil, charcoal and coffee filters to a police undercover agent working a sting.

You know, I’m probably screwed. In 5 minutes time, I could get all this together in a pile at my house.

Kitty litter? I’ve got 4 cats–I go through 15 pounds of it a week. I have 60 pounds in the building right now, and I usually keep 80. Sudafed? I used to buy it in 100 count bottles before my sinus surgery, and we still keep it around the house, although in smaller amounts these days. Antifreeze? Well hell, I do own two vehicles that use it.

How about aluminum foil? Well, I have that 1000′ roll that I salvaged 3 years ago from a failed business that I’m still trying to use up. Charcoal? Walmart had Kingsford on sale for something like $8 for 40 pounds. I stocked up. Coffee filters? Part of the survival preps–you use them to filter out the big chunks before you run it through your Big Berky.

I just hope I don’t have any fender washers or pipe that’s the wrong size, or ATF will get in on the action too.

Anarcho-tyranny is alive, well and livin’ large. God rest the Republic.

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