Fashionably late

I know that I’m late to this particular party, but I just saw it last night on The High Road and this morning on Kim du Toit’s blog.

Many, but not all of us gun nuts know the name “Joe Huffman”, but I expect most of us would recognize this name–“Boomershoot“. While I’ve never been, it’s on my list of “things to do before I die”.

Joe is a vociferous proponet of the Second Amendment and all things civil rights, and hasn’t made any attempt to hide it. His blog is full of his opinions and thoughts.

Of course, you may have to go back in the archives a bit, because Joe’s thoughts are currently on another topic. You see, Joe’s been fired from his job at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His former employer says he let some classified information slip on his blog. Joe disagrees, and from what information he has made available, it does look like he was fired for his personal opinions on topics ranging from guns to gays.

Don’t take my word for it. Go to his information site,, and read what he has to say for yourself. Make your own judgment. If you agree, do what you can to help out.

If you work for a government (any government will do) or any company that works on government contracts, you might want to take this as a cautionary tale.

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