A be-you-ti-ful sentiment

Doc Russia is a bit perturbed at the recent Supreme Court’s decision in Kelo:

…I think it is time to start shopping for a battle rifle. Not a “hunting rifle” not a “varmint gun”, not a “carbine”, not an “assault rifle”, but a no bullshit battle rifle. Something that starts with “.3” and ends in grey matter aerosolized at distance while fragments of calvarium litter the air like confetti at a ticker tape parade.

Is the good doctor taking to the streets in revolutionary mode? Hardly.

Mark my words; this decision will ultimately bring bloodshed to our house. Either in itself, or through the precedent it sets, it will cause Americans to kill Americans. All it takes is a corrupt government official with a crooked land developer and a promised kickback rousting one guy who will have nothing left to lose to start the ball rolling. Then it will turn into a dogpile, and all bets are off.

I do believe that is how it started the last time, except the British were trying to grab guns rather than land.

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