They’re reaching for the temperature control again

The US Department of Justice has decided the water in Froggy’s pot needs to be a bit warmer. From

The U.S. Department of Justice is quietly shopping around the explosive idea of requiring Internet service providers to retain records of their customers’ online activities.

It gets better though. It’s “for the children”:

“It was raised not once but several times in the meeting, very emphatically,” said Dave McClure, president of theU.S. Internet Industry Association, which represents small to midsize companies. “We were told, ‘You’re going to have to start thinking about data retention if you don’t want people to think you’re soft on child porn.'”

I think the US government, and in particular the DOJ, is soft on the concept of the Constitution. My lord, even the EU has considered this sort of “maintain logs on all your traffic for however long we say, Mr. ISP” and figured out that between the technical and privacy issues it’s a loser. Hell, this sounds like something mainland China would do!

And privacy and freedom advocates, what would you like to bet that if your data appears encrypted, you’re going to get some interesting questions? I hope we’ve all enjoyed the Internet while it lasted–it seems it’s days as a useful communication medium may be numbered.

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