Coming soon to The Freehold

You may have noticed that I have a personal website in addition to this blog. It’s meant to be an information resource on a few subjects of interest to yours truly. However, since this blog thing started devouring a sizeable chunk of my spare time, it’s been a bit ignored.

Due to a recent health issue (I pinched a nerve in my back. Getting old seriously sucks–you just start falling apart, it seems.) my summer plans, which included a serious dose of home renovation, have to be changed. (No, I didn’t learn my lesson from the Man Room saga 1 2 3.)

After a course of steroids (there goes my career in baseball) the doc says that I have to be a good boy and avoid doing strenuous stuff for a while–several months. I’m not totally laid up, but heavy work is a no-no. Unless, of course, I want to keep on screwing up my back, in which case I’ll find myself face-down on a table, under bright lights, unconscious, with a man hovering intensely over me, holding sharp objects that he intends to use in the vicinity of my spine.


So, I’ll just have to spend the summer hanging out at the campground, fishing, playing on the golf cart, going to the range, reading and writing. (Gee, pinching a nerve isn’t all bad, if you can get past that pain thing.)

Since I’ll be offline (one does have to make some sacrifices to live the “RV lifestyle”), I’m planning on working on some things for the web site. Given some current trends, I think I’m going to concentrate on theSurvivalism section of the site first, although the whole thing will get some attention.

I also plan on working on a piece of fiction of a survivalist nature. I’ve already started on that, and it’s progressing, though slower than I’d like. Stay tuned; I’ll eventually be asking for your input.

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