A day at the range

Sunday was a great day to go to the range. Not only was the weather beautiful (73o, sunny, light wind), but it was the third Sunday of the month–the Single Action Shooting Society was on hand. Since I had the kids on hand, this was a real treat for them. If you’ve never seen cowboy shooting, do yourself a favor and go. Beware, though, because it’s an infectious sport.

Most of my club’s SASS shooters are pretty good, and any 3 gun competition is fun to watch. We spent some time watching the fun, but eventually we went off to have our own fun.

I’ve been teaching the kids the art of pistol shooting. Now even though my version of the art looks a bit akin to finger painting, the kiddies are showing some talent, 2 lessons in.

My daughter has taken quite well to the Walther P22 (3.4″ barrel) I purchased for them to learn with. She’s taken to it so well that’s she taken over the blasted thing!

Although with scores like this on the 8″ plate rack, it’s hard to be upset:

  • 10 yards: 9 hits, 1 miss
  • 15 yards: 10 hits
  • 20 yards: 8 hits, 1 miss, 1 FTF
  • 25 yards: 9 hits, 1 miss

Did I mention this is the second time she’s shot a pistol? Young men, when my daughter begins dating, I suggest circumspection will be in order. Hands to yourself; kiss only with permission.

My son, however, can’t hit the broad side of a barn with the Walther. Even at 5 yards, he only manages 50%. I asked him if he would like to try the Smith & Wesson 22A (5.5″ barrel) I bought for myself. Well of course he would–it’s Daddy’s gun.

He then proceeds to shoot around 80% from whatever distance he tries. A marked improvement. Teacher is happy.

Teacher, however, would also like to shoot, and being that Teacher has his favorite, a Springfield 1911 Custom Loaded in .45 ACP (there’s other calibers available in 1911s?), the desire is no problem.

Execution, however, is a bit lacking. Teacher is not shooting well. The best I can manage is around 60% on the 8″ plates. I even tried 25 yards from a rest and couldn’t do any better. It’s possible that the sights are off, but I’m not sure. The kids aren’t used to reading shots yet, so it’s hard for them to tell me where they’re landing.

Teacher obviously needs more time at the range. Darn!

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