Attention citizens of North Carolina!

You’re about to get screwed again. This time, you’re going to help finance college educations for illegal aliens–at least if some of our legislators get their way.

From the Raleigh News and Observer: Noncitizens could get tuition deal:House bill would grant in-state rate to some illegal immigrants, but there are a few catches

Well, I don’t care about the “catches”, the whole idea stinks.

Some interesting quotes include:

Proponents say the bill, introduced Tuesday in the N.C. House, is a crucial piece of the state’s economic development strategy.

You need an “economic development strategy” to turn us into a Third-World country? Shipping our textile and furniture jobs overseas isn’t enough?

At a news conference Tuesday morning at the legislative building, two Democratic and two Republican House sponsors spoke in favor of the measure.

We now have yet more proof that there is precious little difference between the Republicrats and the DemocansRepublicans and the Democrats. Like we needed it.

Oh yeah, and the bill has 31 co-sponsors, also a mixture of parties.

North Carolina would not be the first state to offer a tuition benefit to illegal immigrants. Similar laws have been enacted in nine states in the past three years, according to the bill’s sponsors. Legislatures in more than a dozen other states are expected to consider such bills this year.

As my parents said to me on numerous occasions, “If Johnny jumped off a bridge, does that mean you should too?”

This state is looking at a projected $1.75 billion budget deficit, and we want to start a give-away program for illegal aliens. Lovely.

And while none of the legislators aren’t identified by name in the N&O article, the Charlotte Observer has a list:

And, courtesy of your tax dollars, here’s the bill’s homepage on the NC Legislature’s web site. Thoughtfully included is a list of the 31-co-sponsors. Thank God none of them are mine, although a lot are from neighboring areas.

And those of you in the aforementioned politicians’ districts, you might want to think about this at election time. The links above will take you right to their NCLeg homepage, which conveniently has all of their contact information, just in case you want to get in touch personally and let them know what you think.

I’ll be writing to my legislators urging them to block this ill-considered piece of nonsense.

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