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It looks like the “vigilantes” and “extremists” (gr-r-r) aren’t just watching the New Mexico and Arizona borders:

Passengers Cheer When Illegal Immigrants Are Taken Off Plane At RDU

Got that–“Passengers cheer”? You don’t figure it could have anything to do with why people aren’t happy with your domestic agenda, do you?

You know, I was a pretty serious supporter of the President in the last election, based on his prosecution of the War on Terror. I’ve never been happy with his Rockerfeller Republican domestic agenda, and I’m getting less happy with it by the day.

I’m not going to give you some long treatise on why the flood of illegal aliens is a bad thing from national security, culture and economic standpoints. I don’t have time today, and it’ll do you some good to do the reading on your own. The subject is both complex and semi-subtle, and doesn’t lend itself to being “short formed”.

Mr. President, listen to the voices of the people who elected you–we aren’t interested in being the dumping ground for every country with a population problem.

We aren’t interested in having to learn umpteen different languages just so we can order in a fast food restaurant.

We aren’t interested in watching hospitals close, seeing ranchers and farmers run off their land, outbreaks of diseases we thought we’d done away with, increased drug trafficking, slavery, increasing taxes to pay for services for illegals, or any of the rest of BS that this flood of illegal aliens is causing.

Get the point, George, or get out of the way and let someone else have a shot at the job.

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