Blasted sinuses!

Or perhaps they need to be blasted–out. I finally went to the doctor last week, was sent to the specialist, who prescribed antibiotics. Works for me–and it has for 20ish years. Started doing better, got out and enjoyed the beautiful weather we had this weekend–even working in the yard was a pleasure.

Then last night-bang! The thing is back with a vengeance. I didn’t feel this bad when I went to the doctor. By 3 AM, I knew that going to work wasn’t going to be a happening thing–IT work and fogginess caused by lack of sleep DO NOT MIX. (Trust me on this one–I hosed production files once while in this condition; I like to learn from my mistakes.) When I’m like this my subconscious specializes in asphxyiation dreams–drowning, suffocation, buried alive; you name it and I’ll dream it. Then I get to wake up gasping for breath. Truly entertaining.

Called the docs again today. Different antibiotics, big-time decongestant, and steroids (Oh my, do you suppose Congress will subpoena me?). I suppose this will either kill the infection or kill me.

Those of you who don’t know the joy of allergies and/or sinus “issues” should rejoice. You really don’t want to know what you’re missing.

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