Prognostications for 2005

Given I have the necessary qualifications as a professional psychic (a pulse, blood pressure and a positive IQ), I thought I’d enlighten my faithful readers (all three of you) with my predictions for 2005:

  • United Airlines will go bankrupt. Not (yet another) Chapter 11, but the full-on, will the last person to leave turn off the lights, Chapter 7.
  • Interest in blogging will grow, but the quality of blogs will decline. It will be harder and harder for any given blog to “stand out” in the crowd, leading to a Fox-like race to the bottom in an attempt to attract an audience.
  • MTV will finally have no music content at all. No one will notice.
  • Hip-hop music will be found to cause cancer in high doses.
  • In the ultimate in reality shows, those voted off a show will not leave–they will be executed.
  • Strident voices in the environmental movement will claim that more and more things either contribute to or are caused by global warming.
  • It will come to light that global warming is a real phenomenon, caused by too many environmentalists talking at once about global warming.
  • Any or fewer of these predictions will be proven true or false.

Have a Happy New Year.

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