For no obvious reason, I really haven’t felt like blogging much lately. Outside of a very select few, I haven’t even been reading blogs much lately. Initial analysis indicates preholiday stress, other interests and a seasonal predisposition toward not letting things bother me. That said, I haven’t been under a rock. In case you have, let me point you toward a few things of interest.

This time of year is not only Christmas, but the time where our fighting men fought one of the hardest engagements of WWII, The Battle of the Bulge. This one is of particular interest to me, since my Dad was involved in that one. Thanks to Kim du Toit for reminding me….

Next, we must feel the ACLU’s pain as they are ensnared in their own self-righteousness. I would hope that this would drag them down to where they belong, but it won’t. I guess living by your own rules is just for the proles. (Link via Drudge.)

From Jerry Pournelle, we have A Nation of Wimps. Interesting reading.

I don’t remember where I ran across this, but Manhattenville College is running the My Soldier program. It’s another way to remember those who defend our country.

(GEEK ALERT!) This one came from a coworker and fellow blogger. Jakob Nielsen is Undoing The Industrial Revolution. If you’re into issues of usability, especially Web usability, Neilsen is one of the top gurus.

Then we have a rabid dog story. 23 year old mom-to-be is strangled and her baby cut from the womb. (You can get further background via Google News here.) I have a few thoughts about what we do to the perp, but I suspect they’d turn a few stomachs.

WorldNet Daily has an article on two of the hemisphere’s Leftists getting together on an alternative to NAFTA. My only observation is that we really screwed up by not making the Bay of Pigs a rollicking success.

Well, that’s enough for now. Perhaps another post about gunshows later today, if I can rouse the interest.

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