I have in my hand the final Wictory Wednesday

We have here my last Wictory Wednesday post. The other Wictory Wednesday bloggers are

At this point, I doubt that very many people are truly undecided. We need to turn our efforts toward being sure that our fellow Bush supporters get out and vote. Take time to talk to friends, neighbors, coworkers and family and remind them that even though the President is leading in most polls, we can’t relax. Every vote for Bush is a vote against post-election lawsuits. We have numerous reports of the Democrats marshalling lawyers in the battleground states, ready to file suit the moment voting is ended. We’ve seen the suits already filed in some places–trying to count ballots that shouldn’t count while trying to eliminate those that should. If we can win by big enough margins, we steal their oxygen on the issue. So let’s get those voters to the polls on November 2!

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