War Plan Orange

(For those of you not versed in WWII history, War Plan Orange was the plan that General Douglas MacArthur drew up for the defense of the Philippine Islands in the event of a Japanese invasion. As history shows, it was a valiant if vain attempt.)

The Belmont Club has this interesting take on Iraq and the War on Terror. Made even more interesting in light of the news of 380 tons of explosives and munitions now missing in Iraq and Scary Kerry’s thoughts on the subject.

Much as the defenders of Bataan pinned their hopes on a resurrected Pacific fleet sailing into Manila harbor to reinforce them, the Islamo-Fascists may well be counting on Kerry-Edwards and “hope is on the way” (stolen from Lileks).

This is a little something else to think about before you pull that lever or punch that hole or whatever on November 2.

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