(Recalled to memory by The Federalist Patriot)

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country. ”

Those are the last words of Captain Nathan Hale. 228 years ago, September 22, 1776, the 21-year old militiaman was hanged as a spy by order of General William Howe. I suppose, brave last words aside, he was scared.

Last night, Michael Savage aired the audio portion of the video made by Islamofascists as the “beheaded” Eugene Armstrong. The screams are enough to tell me that I don’t need to see the video. Mr. Armstrong died a horrible, painful death. I’ve heard other reports that he was crying in the early part of the video. He was scared.

Over 350,000 fighting men and women, most Americans but with a helping of British, Australian, Tongan and other countries, are in Afghanistan and Iraq as I write tonight. They’re fighting the kind of creatures that made the Armstrong video, along with plenty of others. I suspect a lot of them are scared.

A lot of civilian contractors are also in both countries. I’ll guarantee you that they’re scared.

To me, one of the best definitions of the word “hero” are those who can still do what needs doing, even when they’re scared.

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