Seagate lawsuit update


Earlier this month I noted that Seagate, the hard drive manufacturer, was suing a former employee because he might reveal some of their trade secrets.

Common sense isn’t dead. It may be coughing up blood, but it isn’t dead. The court has rejected the Seagate lawsuit.

This part bears noting:

“All parties agree that Dr. Goglia is a man of unquestioned integrity and that he is well aware of his duties to his former employer in protecting its trade secrets from use by or disclosure to his new employer,” said the judge in her ruling.

Really? Funny how this man of “unquestioned integrity” was simply going to be unable to refrain form spilling the beans on Seagate’s operations to his new employer, at least according to Seagate’s lawyers. Got to wonder if it’s time to hire some new attorneys at Seagate.

Computer professionals, you may return to job-hopping now.

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