Democraps like to vote early and often

(Via Coldfury)

The New York Daily News reports that 46,000 people are registered to vote in both New York and Florida. Interestingly enough, 68% are Democrats, 12% Republicans and 16% are unaffiliated.

The final certified Florida vote totals in the 2000 Presidential election show Bush beating Gore by 537 votes. 68% of 46,000 is 31,280. Get the picture?

I wonder if this is going on in other states? No matter, this looks like vote fraud on a pretty large scale, even with just NY participating. (Heh–I wonder if the UN would be interested in sending in observers?)

Once again, the Dems want to play by one set of rules while enforcing another on everyone else. Remember, if it isn’t close they can’t steal it. Voting is taking on a new importance in the 21st Century.

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