Mind the hook, Linda

 It seems that there are some people in the US that take exception with celebrities bad-mouthing the President.

Singer Linda Ronstadt’s eviction from a hotel in America’s ‘sin city’ of Las Vegas, for mildly praising filmmaker Michael Moore during a stage show…
Her mild praise included calling Moore *spit* a “great patriot”. *gurk*

Sorry.  I almost barfed up my supper.  Won’t happen again, I promise.

Strangely enough, her employer, the Aladdin Hotel and Casino, thought she “was there to entertain not make a politically charged comment.”  Imagine that–they expected her to do what she was paid to do.  How reactionary.

Of course, the predictable media sewage outfalls much of the media strenuously objects to this, claiming that her free speech rights under the First Amendment are being violated.

(For those of you who either flunked civics or were educated in the last 25 years, only the Federal government is bound by the First Amendment. For all private parties, if you want freedom of speech, you pay for it yourself.)

This has been a refreshing breath of fresh air. Who’d have thought a casino would act like this? Maybe I need to rethink my stance on legalized gambling.

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