Orin Hatch needs to be Induced

Sen. Orin Hatch (R-RIAA) has decided to once again shill for his masters.

Of course, we all need to take this with a grain of salt. It’s a “forthcoming bill” and “not public”. Which in reality means that what is really going on is that this has deliberately been leaked, and “they’re” waiting to see just how much uproar comes of it.

I would hope that, since it would mean that any technology that could possibly be used to infringe a copyright would be in dire danger of a death sentence, it will cause an ungodly uproar across the land. Think of it–any kind of network could be legally liable for copyright violations. The corporation whose network was used by employees to download movies is liable. The phone company is liable–you used a dialup Internet account to download a song. Your computer manufacturer is liable, since that piece of hardware was used on the Morpheus network. And don’t forget yourself.

This kind of crap makes me want to vote Libertarian. Or maybe just stay home.

2 thoughts on “Orin Hatch needs to be Induced

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