Do something for the troops

Got a GMail account? Good, skip to the third paragraph.

If you’re a Blogger blogger and you’ve been skipping by the GMail invite, or you get an invite, sign up for the account, even if you have no use for it. Then keep reading.

GMail is Yet Another Free Email Account with a difference–1 GB storage. It’s important since the troops in the field (you know, the ones protecting us so we can sit around and blog>) keep in touch with home primarily via email. Email with attachments, like pictures. They do email like we and our fathers did snail mail during our service.

You can do a lot in a gig. Lots of pictures, way past lots of text. Sounds good, but right now GMail is operating on an “invitation only” basis. is a clearing house so that those of us with GMail accounts can issue invites to troops who need them.

You have your instructions.

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