Pizza delivery driver fired

(Via Kim du Toit and Usenet News)

Huh, What’s this guy thinking–this isn’t worth blogging. Ah, but it is my friends, it is. You see, our intrepid pizza delivery dude was packing, and used his gun to successfully defend himself.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that his employer, Pizza Hut, has fired him for carrying his firearm while working. You have to love this. They hire this guy, send him into dangerous situations in bad neighborhoods, and then deny him the ability to defend himself. At least Mr. Honeycutt has his head screwed on straight:

I like delivering pizzas. It’s a fair job, but I don’t plan on dying for it.

Exactly! Read the article–the guy has been out of work for over a year. Rather than depend of the government to come to his rescue, he goes out and gets himself an honest job to help him get by. His employer, however, doesn’t give a happy doo-dah about him–he’s just another delivery guy. He doesn’t need to defend himself. I guess the company line is just give the robber the pizza and the cash and hope for the best.

But he does, and he did. Now he may be in hot water, although the persecutors, er, prosecutors have not reached a decision.

I’ll try to keep tabs on this and report back if I find anything.

And if you’d like to make you opinions known to Pizza Hut, feel free.

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