Take 5, guys…

I’m not too sure I like this idea of our troops taking a break during an operation, especially when it will allow the bad guys time to reconstitute, resupply and get their families out of the danger zone.

I can’t feel much pity for the residents of Fallujah, even the female and the young. It’s their sons, husbands and fathers who are fighting us, at least in large part. Make the family pay some of the price and see what happens.

I’m also not too happy with the reports of the New and Improved Iraqi Army bugging out at the first sign of trouble. I’m not thrilled with how long this is taking. We should be making Shock and Awe look like a Girl Scout picnic.

And what is this business about “meeting between members of the Governing Council, local Muslim leadership and the leadership of anti-coalition forces”? What is Bremer thinking? Is Bremer thinking?

I’m going to keep harping. You can not negotiate with these people. You must make them afraid of us. Make them very afraid. Keep them afraid. Then they will leave us alone. It isn’t an easy solution, but it is a simple one.

It’s either that, or we have to go the Empire route, and I don’t care for that. I’d rather be a citizen of a republic than the subject of an empire.

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