The downhill slide continues

Here’s another case that documents how our own government (you know, the one “by the people, for the people”) doesn’t trust its own citizens and won’t hesitate to use strong-arm tactics to intimidate those who have the temerity to speak out and question its actions.

David Codrea is a well-known author on various gun-related subjects. He has recently noted, as have many others, the on-going hypocrisy in San Francisco relating to gay marriages performed in contravention of state law. He had the apparently poor taste to write the mayor, the judge who refused to stop them and the acting police chief and call them on it. They in turn had the SFPD call him (luckily for him, he’s out of their jurisdiction) and also had his local PD pay him a visit.

This sort of action by elected and unelected public officials really gripes my ass. Now I’m not sure if I give a happy do-dah about gay marriage, in San Francisco or anywhere else. But I do give that happy do-dah when those same officials decide that they can flout the law–any law–just because they disagree with it. Down that road lies anarchy.

I’m not sure what if anything can be done about the judge, unless he’s elected (The you vote the bastard out!). But I refuse to believe that there isn’t a law in California that couldn’t be used to deal with the mayor and the acting chief. Of course, there may not be the backbone to do so.

I am so fortunate to not live in California. At least around here (NC), elected officials have some respect for the law.

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