Silence the braying jackasses?

The Democrat pretenders, er, contenders for the Presidency, aided and abetted by their sniveling (yet tame) tripe-hounds in the media, have be endlessly regaling us with George Bush’s supposed military shortcomings. Now we have this as reported by Fox News and other places. Please note the link to a .pdf of the supporting docs on the page.

It seems to me that the guy did his bit. It may not have been combat, but most who enlist never see combat (I didn’t) so I can’t count that against the man.

(Of course, one must wonder just exactly how much effort went into finally digging this stuff out of the records.)

So do you suppose that any of the pretenders, er, contenders (Bad boy! Down!) will STFU? I already know better than to expect an apology or anything resembling it.

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