Well, this is a first

And it isn’t one I’m happy to have occur. However, I think it’s important to point this out for your edification.

As the three long-time readers of this blog know, I add folks to the blogroll because I find what they have to say interesting in some way. Conversely, they fall off for the same sort of reason–they cease being interesting. Usually.

There have been two, and soon to be three, cases where someone was booted for other reasons. I’ve never said who or why up until now, and for the first two, I still won’t.

But I’m going to tell you exactly why I’m booting Mad Ogre. Since he doesn’t do permalinks to posts, I’m going to quote the entire thing. It was posted on 10/30/2009.

Email:Hello,I just found your blog about a month ago,and have been reading it daily now. I have a question about your problems with vehicles/transportation. From having read your blog,I gather that you try to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise. My question is;why can’t you repair your own vehicle(s)? If someone wants to survive,they will need every skill they can learn. can you make parts for your guns from scratch and repair/rebuild them? Vehicles should be the same for a prepper as a gun,or any other facet of survival,a tool to be learned about,and utilized for the survival of one’s family/clan. Not being able to repair your own vehicles could put you and your family at a [severe] dissadvantage……could even cost your lives. I have a rebuilt long block and spare transmision and differential ready for each of my vehicles. Should the need arise, I can have an engine in and running in one long day.”I can do a lot with many vehicles. I’ve rebuilt engines too, but that was in a shop full of tools. I don’t have such a place. If I had a shop full of tools, that would be great. But I don’t. Neither do I have the means to fabricate the parts required to facilitate modern automotive repair. I can’t build an Engine Management Computer or a new Fuel Air Mixture Sensor. That’s why I like my old Chevy truck. Unfortunately I don’t have the engine hoists, and the required tools to take care of what is wrong with it… I can’t pull it out and tear it down to the bare block. And I’m not too worried. If I’m in a situation where the balloon is up, chaos is abundant, and it’s life or death that I get a vehicle – I’m getting a vehicle. All those questions you asked… nice. I’m happy you are a Mechanic. I’m not. I don’t do my own Medical Procedures either. I’m not a surgeon. And I don’t get emails from Doctors saying I should know how to reconnect torn blood vessels, because it might save my life one day. I don’t make my own eyeglasses either.

However, yes, I can and have made parts to repair guns, That’s so I can boost your car once you fix it. Cheers!

There you have it. Unedited, in his own words, own font, own everything.

I can understand his point about not knowing every possible skill one could need to survive post SHTF. There simply isn’t that much time available, and it’s why groups and communities will survive and the lone wolves will probably not.

However, Ogre has said, in a loud clear voice, that in the event of An Event, he is going to turn raider. He will take what he needs from others. “…I can and have made parts to repair guns, That’s so I can boost your car once you fix it.”

I’m not sure just where he lives, but I know if I were his neighbors, I’d be very wary of him. Not just if something big happened, but right now. He’s announced to one and all just how he will act if it comes to him versus you.

These are the sort of people who you will have to worry about on SHTF Day + 1. You may want to consider how you will address this issue, because you may have an Ogre for a neighbor, and not even know it.

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