Business opportunity

Does anyone remember the the t-shirts from a few years ago with the DeCSS code printed on them? (For the record, yes, I had one. I may still have it in the box of shirts that I can no longer wear and can’t bring myself to part with–right along with the Rush concert t’s and the Hank Williams Jr. concert t’s.)

Well, it seems that there is room out there for something similar in the t-shirt line. El Reg reports that Texas Instruments is trying to keep their weak-ass crypto signing keys for their older calculator OSes from getting out, and are failing miserably.

What is it with big companies? If some hobbyist wants to hack the things, what’s the problem? They bought it–it’s theirs. Is it that TI is afraid someone might ask them to fix it if Wile E. Hacker bricks it? Are they afraid terrorists might release hundreds and thousands of them via eBay, all calculated to turn the grades of high school algebra students to mush?

TI, if you want to reply I’ll be happy to post it. I’d love to post it. I figure it’d be funny as hell, and this blog could use some humor these days.

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