The ATF is trying to shut down an NC gun dealer

(Via Red’s Trading Post)

It’s amazing what happens in your own back yard. I’m really amazed that I didn’t see this in some of my state’s major left-wing press outlets, such as the Raleigh Noise and Disturber.

Jim’s Gun Jobbery of Fayetteville and a sister store in Wilmington have been granted a trial in their fight to keep their firearms dealer licenses.

The trial is scheduled for April 21.

The survival of Jim’s, one of the area’s most prominent gun dealers, may hinge on the outcome.

In 2004, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives revoked the gun sales licenses of the Fayetteville store and Jim’s Pawn & Gun of Wilmington. The bureau contended that the stores were lax in keeping records of their gun inventory and sales. Gun dealers are required to keep records in an effort to keep weapons away from criminals.

Both stores are owned by James M. Faircloth of Fayetteville.

The stores say their employees made a small number of unintentional mistakes in record keeping. With the high volume of business, there will be occasional lapses, they argued.

Folks, if you don’t believe that the ATF is trying to shut down the firearms business in the US, just how much more evidence do you need? The drastic drop in 01 FFL holders in the past 10 years and the constant attacks on gun shops for inadvertent paperwork violations are just the beginning. Gun owners are winning the war for our freedoms on many fronts, but we’re in danger of being overrun from the rear.

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