Good grief

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It seems that the world has taken leave of its good senses today:

U.S. Soldier to Be Tried in Italy

This is in connection with the death of an Italian intel agent who was hustling a recently release Italian journalist to the Baghdad airport. They approached a checkpoint driving way too fast, spooked the groundpounders, and were fired on. Fog of war and all that doesn’t sit well with the EUropeans these days, so they want some flesh. Good thing for the soldier he’ll be tried in absentia.

Criminal code raises fear over EU powers

While we’re on the subject of the EUropeans, their newest masters have decided that since they can’t get the people of Europe to give them the power they want, they’ll just help themselves, thanks so much. And of course, since so much of Europe is legaly disarmed, when things get really bad, it’ll be off to the camps. Funny, but haven’t we heard that one before?

Global warming debate spurs Ore. title tiff

Apparently the Oregon state climatologist (Why the heck do you need a state climatologist?) doesn’t buy into the global warming hysteria, and may pay for his ability to think for himself with his job. Of course, given that Dr. Whats-her-face on the Weather Channel says anyone who doesn’t agree with the ecofreak party line should lose their weather-related job, why am I surprised?

Bill Banning iPods In Crosswalks Slated For Albany

Yes, the nanny state at its best (or worst). No iPods, cellphones, Crackberries or chewing gum (OK, I made up the part about chewing gum) when crossing the street–diddums might get distracted and help out the gene pool by getting flattened.

For comic relief, we have the aptly tagged “Lust in Space” weirdness. Go figure.

And that’s it from La-la Land.

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