You’ve been confiscated

(Via No Quarters)

OK, so you know the Kelo decision means that you don’t really own your home or land, you just hold it and pay rent (you may know it as “property taxes”) until such time as someone else can put it to better use.

But did you know that before Kelo, there was 1917 Trading With The Enemy Act and the 1977 International Emergency Economic Powers Act? Did you know that under these acts that our government can seize your gold, silver, shares in mining companies–pretty much any sort of financial instrument they desire?

Comforting thought, isn’t it? Cook up some cock-and-bull emergency, get the Prez to sign off and start confiscating whatever your little bureaucratic heart desires. But of course, you’re doing it for the “greater good” of “the people”.

There have long been rumors in survivalist circles that the government has laws that would allow the seizure of “hoarded” food and fuel during time of emergency. Some have pointed at various laws that might be used to justify such actions. No law, as far as I know, directly addresses this subject, but martial law probably could. Of course, if law or martial law proves inconvenient, there are always Executive Orders.

Hm-m-m. No home, no money, hungry and in the dark. Sounds like a refugee who will need to go to the government “resettlement centers”, doesn’t it? Oh well, at least you’d have some company in the “right wing Israeli settlers” in Gaza and the West Bank who are losing their homes as you read this.

Dark and bloody days approach. The big question is “How long?” Will it be in my lifetime, or my children’s lifetime? None of us know the answer, but the time to prepare is NOW. Not tomorrow or next week or next year, but NOW. While you can.

Good luck to us all.

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