Spring has officially sprung

You know it’s officially Spring at The Freehold when we have the “Ritual Untarping of the Camper“.

For a change, it was accomplished with no wind (Hey, you try to wrestle a 20×40 tarp standing 10 feet in the air in a stiff breeze!) and no swearing (due to the lack of the aforementioned stiff breeze).

No we get to clean it up, do a bit of maintenance (trust me, owning a boat is less work), and we’re going to tow it up to our campground and do the condo-camping thing. I’d rather be towing it from place to place, but with gas prices being what they are, I don’t see that happening much this summer.

Oh well. Two pools, a hot tub, 2 clubhouses, 340 acres with plenty of trails, 2 fishing lakes and a river and 30 minutes from the range–we’ll just have to rough it.

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